Hospital Management System

Easy Hospital addresses all the functional areas and their respective operations of a Hospital. This software is based on ARTD (Admission-Registration-Transfer-Discharge) model and provides comprehensive online MIS pertaining to operations, administration, patient care, other support services, cost control and improved profitability.

The package has been developed on a 3-Tier Client Server environment using the latest Relational Database system technology Oracle 8i and Visual Basic 6.0 (GUI). The development environment ensures that Easy Hospital works on all standard Hardware platforms. It also offers stringent Data Security and easy recovery in case of System failure. It offers immense flexibility, which allows easy customization to suit individual Hospital operations.

It also helps in monitoring the day-to-day operations of the hospital by tracking activities in discreet operational areas such as the pharmacy, the accounts department, particularly the billing unit and the activities in the human resource department.

The information technology format in this instance is also on a modular basis and having been implemented and rigorously tested in both public and private hospitals in India, Tec-Centric is confident that his system will prove itself under any circumstances.

There are 17 comperehensive modules which forms part of easy hospital and this system has been installed in several hospitals in India and Malaysia. In Malaysia the "Pharmacy Management Module" has been installed in the Sultana Aminah Hospital in Johor Bahru.

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