Integrated Learning Management Systems (ILMS)

ILMS is comprehensive state-of-the-art ERP-system that provides complete integrated solution to academic/educational institutions. This system has been exclusively designed and developed to address various functional areas like: Student Registration, Administration, Academic Resource Management, Alumni, Centers, Library Management, Class Scheduling, Lecturers Schedules and all other functions relating to the management of an educational institution.

ILMS has been developed in 3-Tier Client/Server Environment and the development environment offers immense flexibility, which allows easy customization to suit individual academic institution's operational requirements.

ILMS is a modular system and each module is focused to meet all kinds of key as well as specific requirements in their respective functional areas. A comprehensive database is also maintained and offers immense flexibility in data transfer, data backup, and date retrieval. Its modules can be implemented, as an integrated system and can also be used individually, as comprehensive individual module. Any number of modules can be chosen to suit client's requirements.


are done on a monthly basis. Because each provider and/or practice is different, we customize our reports for you.

Fee Schedules

it is vital to have fee schedules with the insurance companies and networks that you participate in, updated on a yearly basis. We request these fee schedules and negotiate the pricing on your behalf.

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