e-Procurement System (ePS)

e-Procurement System (ePS) is a user-friendly, Internet-based purchasing system that offers electronic purchase order processing and enhanced administrative functions to buyers and suppliers, resulting in operational efficiencies and potential cost savings. The e-Procurement System (ePS) features the advanced business and commercial practices from the private sector and the latest technical capabilities offered by the Internet, which will provide cost-saving opportunities to both suppliers and the buyers

The fully integrated Tec-Centric e-Procurement System (ePS) enables companies to centrally manage all of their workforce procurement processes using a single platform. Managing workforce procurement helps businesses automate processes and reduce costs in selecting, procuring and managing temporary staff, contractors, and consultants.

System Tools

  • Optimization and decision support tools
  • Online supplier collaboration channel
  • Support for multiple and complex contracts
  • Advanced approval workflows & permissions
  • Project and document audit trail reports
  • Alerts, notifications, tracking and linking
  • End-to-end source-to-pay automation
  • Self-service requisitioning venue
  • Best practice sourcing templates
  • Closed-loop, integrated processes
  • Performance tracking and review
  • Corrective action tracking and alerts


  • Immediately spot savings opportunities
  • Efficiently exchange information and define requirements
  • Reduce off-contract, off-catalog pricing and buying
  • Design and manage approval workflows
  • Maintain preparedness for reviews and audits
  • Take rapid corrective measure
  • Efficiently assess and select suppliers
  • Allow suppliers to access and maintain information
  • Refocus staff time according to objectives
  • Enable controled, policy-driven employee requisitioning
  • Accelerate and improve sourcing effectiveness
  • Capture knowledge and measurements for improvement
  • Execute informed sourcing and supplier decisions
  • Make rapid improvement adjustments


  • Achieve cost savings on goods and services
  • Drive accelerated, best-value, best-supplier negotiation
  • Improve stakeholder involvement with online collaboration
  • Ensure best-practice continuous improvement in strategic sourcing